FAIRWINDS Credit Union July 2013 ADVOCATE for Members
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Your Top Five Questions Answered

We have answers to the top five most popular upgrade questions. You can view all upgrade FAQs at

1. How do I log in for the first time?
Simply log in as you normally would with your current Username and password. Then follow the prompts to update your new Username and password.

2. What browser should I use?
Make sure to update to one of the following:
   Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher
   Mozilla Firefox
   Google Chrome
   Apple Safari

3. Will my scheduled bills in Bill Payer go out as usual?
Yes. The bills you have scheduled will continue to go out. While these payments may not appear in your account history immediately following the upgrade, rest assured that they have been processed.

4. Do I need to set up my payments and Billers again?
No. All of your Billers (payees) and scheduled payments will automatically upgrade.

5. Why don't my apps work anymore?
After July 22, the existing apps will not work with the New FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online. Instead, now you can use the new and consolidated FAIRWINDS Mobile app that includes mobile banking and mobile check deposit. To download the new app after July 22, first log in through Then download the new app and delete the old FAIRWINDS apps.

Bill Payer is Changing

With the New FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online experience, you’ll notice some changes with Bill Payer, including the timing of when funds are deducted from your account.

Current FAIRWINDS Bill Payer:

Current FAIRWINDS Bill Payer

Today the money is deducted from your account before the payment is SENT.

New FAIRWINDS Bill Payer:

New FAIRWINDS Bill Payer

The money will be deducted after your payment has been PROCESSED by the Biller (payee).

It is important to remember that the PROCESSED date can vary by Biller. For more information about the new Bill Payer, visit our online resource center.

Service Interruption Schedule

July 19

Schedule your bills by the end of the day.

July 22
9:00 a.m.

Current FAIRWINDS Mobile, Bill Payer, and Online Banking NOT available.

Next Steps:
  Remove mobile apps.

July 22

New FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online Banking available.
(Bill Payer NOT available.)

Next Steps:
  Log in through our website.
  Download new mobile app.
  Update financial management tools.

July 23

New Bill Payer available.

August 2013
(details coming soon)

Person-2-Person and Account-2-Account transfers available.

Have a Business Account with FAIRWINDS?

You can look forward to the New FAIRWINDS Business Mobile and Online coming to you in early 2014.

You’ll experience some of the most innovative business online banking solutions in the industry - all to help your business run more efficiently wherever you are.

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