A new and more powerful mobile and online banking experience is coming this summer.

FAIRWINDS Online Upgrade Feedback

Now that you've used the New FAIRWINDS Online, please use the following form to send us your questions and feedback about your experience. Your feedback will help us improve the online experience for all our members.

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    Service Updates

    Cross-Member Transfer on Android App
    (Dated: 6.21.13)

    If you are using the New FAIRWINDS Mobile app for your Android phone, please note that option to transfer money to another FAIRWINDS member's account is not available within the app. To transfer money to another FAIRWINDS member, please log-in to your account through our website (www.fairwinds.org) from your PC or mobile device.

    Session Timer is now 10 Minutes
    (Dated: 6.21.13)

    For your security, please note that after 10 minutes of inactivity within the New FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online your current online session will automatically log-off. However, a box will appear with 60 seconds left asking if you would like to continue to stay logged in. Simply click yes if you wish to continue your online session.

    I'm being asked to submit a security pass code each time I try to log-in from the same computer or mobile device. Why?
    (Dated: 6.18.13)

    More than likely your computer or mobile device is set to delete your cookies automatically. Cookies are small files that websites put on your computer hard disk drive when you first visit. Think of a cookie as an identification card that's uniquely yours. Its job is to notify the site when you've returned. They help that site remember you and your preferences.

    In order to more easily access mobile and online banking without entering a security pass code each time, simply adjust your Cookies settings. You can change the setting in your computer not to delete cookies.

    You may also be asked to submit a security pass code each time you use a new device or use a different browser. We recommend registering your mobile devices when you first log-in and using the same browser you normally would to more easily access FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online Banking.

    Safari Browser Update
    (Dated: 6.18.13)

    You may experience a disruption accessing Bill Payer through the Safari browser. While we are addressing this disruption, we encourage you to use the Chrome browser or use the new FAIRWINDS Mobile App.

    Logging In

    What browser should I use?
    Make sure to update your browser to one of the following:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher
    Mozilla Firefox
    Google Chrome
    Apple Safari
    Will my account number change?
    No. The improvements to the site will in no way affect your FAIRWINDS account numbers or any other personal information.
    Will my log-in and password change?
    Yes. Our new solution has added security methods to help keep your information safe.  One of these changes is that there are new requirements for usernames and passwords.  You’ll be prompted to change them to meet these new requirements the first time you log in. Simply log-in as you normally would, and follow the prompts to update your new username and password.
    What are the new username requirements?
    To help better protect your online banking account, your username:
    • Must be at least six characters long, but no more than 20 characters
    • Can contain letters, numbers, and the following special characters: @$*_-=.!`
    • Cannot contain any spaces between characters or only numbers
    What are the new password requirements?
    If your current password meets the updated security requirements, you will not be prompted to change your password. If your password is not strong enough, for your protection you’ll be prompted to create a new password with the following requirements:
    • Must be at least six characters long and no longer than 32 characters
    • Must contain characters from at least two of the following three categories:
      • Letters
      • Numbers
      • Any special characters
    • Cannot contain any whitespace
    • Cannot be a substring of the username
    Will I still be asked security questions?
    No. Rather than utilizing security questions, you’ll be prompted to answer a onetime pass code that can be sent to your phone or email to confirm your identity.  These methods can also be used in the future should you forget your password.
    Where can I view my Relationship Rewards in the New FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online?
    You can view your points by logging in directly from our website in the Relationship Rewards section. We are working to update these to the New FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online soon.
    Why is my account automatically logging off?
    For your security, please note that after 10 minutes of activity within the New FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online your account access will automatically log-off. However, a box will appear with 60 seconds left asking if you would like to continue to stay logged in. Simply click yes if you wish to continue banking.
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    What is changing with Bill Payer?

    Today the money is deducted, before your payment is sent. Moving forward, the money will be deducted after your payment has been received by the payee (Biller).

    When you pay a bill today, here’s how it works:

    • You schedule the payment in Bill Payer.
    • The payment is sent to the payee (Biller).
      • The money is deducted from your FAIRWINDS checking account on the date the payment is sent to the payee (Biller).
    • The payee (Biller) is paid on the scheduled Pay Date.

    With the New FAIRWINDS Online, here’s how it will work:

    • You schedule the payment in Bill Payer.
    • The payment is sent to the payee (Biller).
    • The payee (Biller) is paid on the scheduled Pay Date.
      • The money is deducted from your FAIRWINDS checking account upon receipt of your payment by the payee (Biller).

    With the new bill payer, your payments are now protected through overdraft coverage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I need to set up my payments and billers again?
    No. We are moving all your payees and scheduled payments to the new system.
    Will the bills I have scheduled go out as usual?
    Yes. The bills you have scheduled will go out prior to upgrade.
    Will bill payer be available during this upgrade period?
    No. The current online bill payer will not be accessible starting Monday, June 10 with full access being restored the new bill payer on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 11.
    Can I still schedule payments?
    All bill payer payments must be scheduled by the end of the day on Friday, June 7. Your scheduled bill payments will go out as usual, but you will not be able to add, modify, or delete payments during the upgrade period (June 8 - 11). You will be able to schedule new payments beginning June 11.
    I just logged in to the New FAIRWINDS Online for the first time and don’t see any of my scheduled bill payer payments. What happened?
    If you had scheduled bill payer payments prior to the upgrade on Monday, June 10, these may not appear in your account history immediately. Rest assured that all scheduled payments will be processed.
    Can I use my savings account to make bill payer payments?
    No. Payments can only be made from your FAIRWINDS checking account(s). Rest assured that your payments are protected through overdraft coverage.
    How do I delete a biller in Bill Pay?
    When you’re in Bill Payer, select the tab “Manage My Bills.” Choose the Biller Name you’re looking for from the dropdown menu. Then you’ll prompted with the option to “Delete this biller.”
    Is there a cost to use the New Bill Payer service?
    No. FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online, including Bill Payer, continues to be a free service for FAIRWINDS members.
    Why can’t I see my past Bill Payer transactions in the New FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online?
    As part of the upgrade, your previous Bill Payer transactions completed prior to the upgrade will not appear under the “Bill History.” Moving forward, your transaction history will appear as it normally would under “Bill History.”

    To access previous Bill Payer transaction history, you can easily review through your FAIRWINDS Online checking account history. You may also view past e-Statements.

    Mobile Banking

    With the New FAIRWINDS comes a single, consolidated Mobile Banking app making your mobile banking even more convenient. Beginning June 10, once the New FAIRWINDS Online is live, simply download the New FAIRWINDS Mobile app for your iPhone or Android device. Before using the new and consolidated FAIRWINDS Mobile Banking app please log-in through our website first.

    Remove the old FAIRWINDS Banking Apps

    Remove the existing FAIRWINDS Mobile Banking and Mobile Check Deposit apps from
    your iOS and Android devices.

    Add the new FAIRWINDS Banking App

    Released on June 10, 2013

    Access your account from the convenience of your iOS and Android devices including: account summary, transfers, bill payer, remote deposit, branch/ATM locator and much more.

    Apple Devices (iOS 4 or higher)
    iOS install

    Android Devices (OS 2.3.3 or higher)
    Android install

    One app to rule them all.

    With the New FAIRWINDS, enjoy one app that does it all including mobile banking and check deposit.

    Take your pick.

    Look for the June 10 release by FAIRWINDS Credit Union, the older releases will not work with the New FAIRWINDS.

    Android App

    Plus, enjoy the new iPad app with mobile deposit features coming soon.

    Don't have an iPhone or Android phone?

    We've got you covered too. You can access your account from any web or text message enabled device.

    Enable text message banking through FAIRWINDS Online or access our mobile banking site through your web-enabled phone at mobile.fairwinds.org.

    Financial Management Tools


    We’re putting the finishing touches on the information you need to update your Quicken, Quickbooks, and Mint.com financial management tools.

    Quicken/QuickBooks - New Users

    When setting up Quicken or QuickBooks for the first time, you will select one of the following from the Financial Institution list in the software:

    • FAIRWINDS Online Members
      • Quicken: Fairwinds Credit Union Quicken
      • QuickBooks: Fairwinds Credit Union QuickBooks
    • FAIRWINDS Business Online Members
      • Quicken or QuickBooks: Fairwinds CU

    Mint.com Users

    If you are a Mint.com user, select Fairwinds Credit Union Pilot from the list of financial institutions.

    Where can I export to my Microsoft Money software?
    Since Microsoft Money was discontinued, we no longer are able to this particular service. We encourage you to look into a service like Quicken or Mint to help with your money management needs, and are also supported through the New FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online.

    Have a Business account with FAIRWINDS?

    You can look forward to the New FAIRWINDS Business Mobile and Online coming to you in early 2014.

    You’ll experience some of the most innovative business online banking solutions in the industry - all to help your business run more efficiently wherever you are.