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The car-buying landscape has changed for the better.

Gone are the days when people would pick up the nearest Autotrader® or local newspaper to look for their next set of wheels. Companies like Carvana and others have significantly changed the way we shop for and purchase cars.

Here are some emerging car shopping trends and advice to help you prepare for your next car purchase.

Fewer Leases, More Pre-Owned Vehicles

As a large collection of three-year leases start to expire around the country, more certified pre-owned vehicles are going to fill car lots. This also means more opportunities to save money on your next vehicle.

Many of these cars come with the added bonus of still being eligible for some of the manufacturer’s original warranties on top of the one-year warranty that usually comes standard with CPOs. This means your newly used vehicle could effectively pay for its own maintenance for the first few years of ownership.

Snag a set of wheels on your terms.

Mobile-Based Shopping

With nearly 65 percent of first-time and seasoned car shoppers using their smartphones to browse and shop for vehicles, the ability for shoppers to compare prices and car availabilities between competing dealerships has steadily increased.

In response, auto dealers have become more creative and diverse in the ways in which they advertise to mobile shoppers to keep up with the consumer’s demand for more flexible ways to buy a new car.

Extended Test Drives

This trend has been a long time coming. Realistically, there’s only so much you can discern about a vehicle after a 30-minute test drive. That’s simply not enough time to get acquainted with all the bells and whistles of most newer cars.

That’s why many dealerships are making the shift toward extended test drives that can carry over to the next day. Granted, there are still mileage restrictions. But an overnight experience gives drivers a more comprehensive idea of how a vehicle handles and reveal any issues that may need to be addressed before deciding to buy.

The car-buying landscape is constantly changing. FAIRWINDS wants to make sure you have all the tools you need to make the most informed and beneficial decision regarding your next vehicle. Stop into your local branch to chat with our staff members about financing options to find your next vehicle.

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