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It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of baby product overload. Do these tiny beings really need so much stuff? Here are some tips to prepare your wallet for mommy and daddy-hood.

Buy after your shower – Resist the urge to buy until after your baby shower. Friends and family can’t resist the urge to purchase tiny sized clothing and fluffy blankets. Trust me – don’t buy these items. I have enough blankets to trek through a northeaster storm.

Leave the tags on – Nesting will strike in the third trimester, but leave the tags on most baby items. Having a baby is like playing the lottery – you’re not going to know what size he or she will be. If you leave the tags on, you can return clothing for larger sizes if needed.

Buy when you need it – Do you remember stocking your kitchen in your first apartment? The same concept applies when having a baby – buy a high chair only when you need it. You might be surprised about some items that you really don’t need.

Stay tuned for the arrival of our new Budget Buster later this year!

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