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It’s cap and gown time for graduating high school seniors – which means that college fall semester is right around the corner. Which also means that college expenses can start adding up even before you set foot on campus. Yikes!

Most expenses are obvious: tuition, rent, utilities, etc. But there are costs that can easily sneak up and bust your budget overnight. Here are a few to keep top of mind for your budget:

1. Textbooks. Depending on the major, be prepared to spend at least a couple hundred dollars on books for each semester. Tip! Make sure to check if your course(s) offer the option of e-books. While it’s still a cost, the digital version of your textbook could be significantly cheaper.

2. Transportation. If you live on a campus where you can walk everywhere, you’re in luck. Your transportation costs will be modest – and you’ll be in great shape! If that’s not you, then gas and bus fees will add up as you commute back and forth to class. If you want to save money, look into carpooling options with your fellow classmates.

So tell us: what unexpected costs did you experience in college and how did you handle them?

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