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Everybody’s favorite spy is back in theaters this month with the release of “Spectre.” To mark the occasion, we decided to take a look at his 50-plus year history to see what lessons we could learn about life and money from the greatest secret agent in film history.

Develop your revenue streams.

The Bond movies regularly earn more than $100 million in product placement; from the Aston Martin he drives to the Omega watches he wears, ensuring the profitability of his missions long before you or I pony up $7.50 for a ticket.

Do you have enough revenue streams? Could you find other ways to make money? There’s never been a better time to develop additional income. With the prime interest rate so low, you can lock in an amazing fixed-rate on a home equity loan to pursue your business idea or side project for building your fortune during the weekends. Find out more about our home equity loans.

Keep cool.

In “Goldfinger,” or any of the Connery-era Bond films, the climax tended to revolve around an impending countdown to doomsday, stopped at the last moment by Bond. Through it all, James Bond stays cool.

Are you cool? How rattled are you by the rough year the stock market has had? Don’t let a hiccup on Wall Street ruin your retirement. Instead, buoy your investments with our fantastic savings products and retirement planning services. You can reduce your exposure to risk, making it easier to take a deep breath, while having easier access to your money in times of stress. Learn more about our Retirement Planning services.

Keep your house in good order.

The film plot of “Skyfall,” the climax of the film involves a return to Bond’s childhood home, which he manages to turn into a fortress with an afternoon’s work.

If your house isn’t ready to repel invaders, don’t worry. Home improvement is easy with a home equity line of credit. You get all of the spending flexibility of a credit card, so you can use the money you need when you need to on a revolving line of credit, paying it back in chunks when you can afford to do so, but you can do it at a much lower rate than a credit card because you secure the loan with the equity you already have in your house. And the interest you pay may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor on this one). Learn more about our home equity options.

Don’t be fooled by the luxuries James Bond enjoys.

It might not seem like a path to financial freedom, but what if you bought all of the luxuries that James Bond buys? In the films, we’ve seen him drive incredibly expensive cars in wonderfully exotic locations while wearing fabulously expensive clothes. We’ve also never seen him buy any of them. He’s received them from MI6, which is why it’s so easy for him to blow them all up.

Are you trying to live the James Bond lifestyle? James Bond doesn’t even live the James Bond lifestyle. He lets the taxpayers foot the bill while he gets by on a public servant’s wage. You’ll be much happier living within your means and finding the luxuries when you can.

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