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Simple but powerful, the Clover Station is your business' first-class ticket to success.

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With a sleek, modern look and unrivaled functionality, the Clover Station can take your business’ services to the next level. This dynamic, EMV ready, all-in-one system lets you track inventory, manage employees and accept payments in a snap, including cash and ApplePayTM.

Future-Proof and Adaptable

With built-in connectivity, effortless updating, and the flexibility to accommodate add-on tools and services, the Clover Station ensures your business always has access to the latest technologies and provides added functionality with a wide selection of powerful apps.

Full Access, Anywhere

With a fully-integrated web dashboard, the Clover Station lets you manage your business’ finances from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Check in on the day’s transactions or employee shifts anytime of day and stay connected, anywhere you go.

Safe for Your Customers and Your Business

Guarantee the security of your customer’s private information as well as your business’ finances. Clover Stations are designed for total transaction protection, so you can get more done and worry less.