Business Value Services

Run your business more smoothly and efficiently with our business-value services.

  • Streamline your operations while saving time and money with payroll and tax preparation services.
  • Allow your business to tap into the power of the most widely used electronic payment options including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, and more with our merchant services options.


With today's accelerated business pace, you can't allow time-consuming tasks like payroll to hinder your progress. We provide a superior class of payroll administration solutions that are well-suited to your environment and your company size, no matter what stage of development your business is in.

Merchant Services

Merchant services are available right here at FAIRWINDS. FAIRWINDS Merchant Services provides you with convenient, simple, and cutting edge money management solutions - exactly what you need to make your business run even more efficiently and profitably.

Tax Services

EFTPS-Direct is the program FAIRWINDS participates in. The EFTPS is a program that allows a small business to pay certain federal business taxes electronically. EFTPS allows you to pay your taxes without a coupon, writing a check, or visiting the credit union. Small businesses notify the IRS with the payment information and their account is debited.

How can you make your money work for you?

Are you looking for unlimited access to your account? Our Simply Smarter Account offers free unlimited ATM transactions anywhere in the US, free overdraft protection from your savings, money market or business line of credit, and free online banking with bill pay.

Looking to earn more interest? Maximize your earnings with our tiered-rate Interest Checking Account. Plus, you'll qualify for our exclusive Premium Money Market Account.

Looking for no monthly fees? With no monthly fee and no minimum balance requirements, our Free Checking Account will fit your budget.

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Free Cash Direct Check Card

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Free Online Banking

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Free Online Bill Payer

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Free e-Statements

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Free FAIRWINDS and Presto!

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Free Overdraft Transfers

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Free Money Orders & Official Checks

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Free Notary Services

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Free out of network ATMs*

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Free FAIRWINDS custom checks

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Tiered Interest Rates


Relationship Rewards Points for every dollar in interest earned


Qualifies for Premium Interest Money Market Account


Opening Requirement

$25 $25 $25

How to Avoid the Monthly Fee

No Monthly Fee $7,500 combined deposit and loan balance
OR $1,000 in savings and checking.
$25,000 combined deposit and loan balance
OR $10,000 in savings and checking.

Monthly Service Fee

$0 $10 $25