Government Shutdown Hardship

Are you experiencing a financial hardship as a result of the federal government shutdown? If your income has been disrupted and you have concerns, please call us at 407.277.5045 or stop by your nearest branch to learn how we can best assist you. We are here to help.

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Our credit union’s “Captains” lend their knowledge and experience to our Board of Directors and Executive Team to further ensure we’re always working in your best interests.

Board of Directors

Jason Albu
Lisa Snead
Vice Chair
Kelly Leary
Carol F. Denton
Richard Leigh
Dan McNutt
Mack R. Perry

Executive Management

Larry F. Tobin
Kathy A. Chonody
Senior Executive Vice President/CFO
Phillip C. Tischer
Senior Executive Vice President/COO
James D. Adamczyk
Senior Executive Vice President/CLO
Catherine M. Hertz
Executive Vice President - Human Resources
Mathy M. Hogan
Executive Vice President - Administration
Charles S. Lai
Executive Vice President/CIO
Dianne K. Owen
Executive Vice President - Marketing