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Central Florida Zoo photo We are happy and excited to be the sponsor of the FAIRWINDS Indian Rhinoceros Exhibit at the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford. We take great pride in supporting this endangered species and encourage you to visit the two rhinos found at this fascinating exhibit, PJ and Jahi.

PJ is a male Indian rhino born at White Oak Conservation Center on June 1, 2011. He is named after his sire (father) Patrick and his dam (mother) Jakichu. PJ's sire was the first Indian rhinoceros born in North America (1974). Jahi is a male rhinoceros born at Lowry Park Zoo on July 13, 2011. In the native language of India, Jahi's name means dignified.

With less than 3,000 Indian rhinos living in the wild today, the protection of these creatures is extremely important; a mission we are glad to be a part of.