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FAIRWINDS was selected in October of 2012 as the official banking services provider for the students of the University of Central Florida. As the student banking services provider, FAIRWINDS offers students free checking accounts, the convenience of linking their student ID cards to a FAIRWINDS checking account, an on-campus branch location and two campus ATMs.

Larry Tobin, President/CEO of FAIRWINDS Credit Union and a UCF alum, welcomed the partnership not only as an opportunity to continue working with the university, but also as a way to help students start off on the right track with their financial future. “It is an honor to support the students, faculty, and staff on their journey toward financial independence, responsibility, and ultimately financial freedom,” said Tobin. “We are excited to have a positive impact not just on their financial futures, but also their families.”

“During the course of the student banking conversations, it quickly became clear that FAIRWINDS was seeking to be more than a business partner to the university,” said Curt Sawyer, Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance at UCF. “They truly recognized they would be investing in the very students who are the future leaders of our community. Otherwise stated, the higher the quality of education, the stronger the community becomes. This visionary thinking was quite simply a very compelling value-proposition for UCF.“