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On average every 3 seconds, someone loses their identity.* At FAIRWINDS we care about you and want to help protect you against the dangers of this crime. That’s why we’ve partnered with ReliaShield, provided by Trilegiant, to offer you this comprehensive protection program that helps to prevent, detect, and resolve issues related to identity theft.

With ReliaShield you'll receive:

Single Bureau Credit Report

Get a full picture of your credit strength from your Credit Report from all three major credit reporting agencies.

Triple-Bureau Credit Alert

With triple-bureau daily credit monitoring, you'll be alerted automatically of certain changes to your credit. And if there are no changes to your credit, you’ll receive a quarterly notification letting you know that nothing has changed.

Internet Fraud Monitoring

This sophisticated, real-time, web-crawling technology monitors underground chat rooms, websites and blogs for members' registered credit/debit cards. If any of your registered information is found on these web portals, you will be sent an email alert, enabling you to act quickly and re-secure your compromised data.

Unlimited Restoration Services

True white glove service provided by a Certified Identity Theft Specialist who will not close your case until your identity is completely restored.

Learn more by visiting one of our branch locations or click here to register today!

*Javelin Strategy & Research. 2019 Identity Fraud Survey Report 2019