Green Initiatives

True to our commitment of socially responsible banking, long-term green initiatives are in place at the credit union to ensure we continually minimize our carbon footprint on the environment. In 2008, FAIRWINDS placed second in the Louise Herring Award and received an honorable mention in the Dora Maxwell Award for our green initiatives which include:

  • Green @ Work—Through our Green @ Work program, we are always looking for ways to improve our daily operations to have less of an impact on the environment. Here are just a few of the initiatives from the Green @ Work program:
    • e-Newsletter - Our monthly newsletter was converted to an online-only format.
      Green impact: We have save over nine tons of paper every year!
    • Fax machines - Our fax machines were updated to allow faxes sent via email and eliminate paper copies.
    • Break room/kitchen - All FAIRWINDS branches and departments received ceramic plates and bowls along with silverware to eliminate the need for paper products.
  • The FAIRWINDS Green Team - The Green @ Work Program is led by the FAIRWINDS Green Team, a special group of FAIRWINDS crewmembers volunteering their time to help execute and oversee new green initiatives at the credit union.
  • Green Branch Certification Program - We are going green one branch at a time through our Green Branch Certification Program. Launched in fall 2008, the Green Team reviews each branch and department at the credit union to ensure they meet Green Policy expectations.
  • Shred Fest - Our monthly Shred Fest events, providing members of the community a safe way to destroy personal papers and documents, grew in popularity across Central Florida. As of September 2008, we have helped members of the community safely destroy 51,000 pounds of shred.
    Green impact: Our partner, Crown Shredding recycles 100% of the shredded material, resulting in approximately 76,000 pounds of lumber saved.

Green Products:

  • "Go Green" Debit Card - Our "Go Green" Debit Cards come with a $5 donation to the FAIRWINDS' Green Fund which benefits tree planting in Central Florida.
  • FAIRWINDS Online Banking - FAIRWINDS Online provides up-to-date information on FAIRWINDS accounts online with 24/7 account access and financial security. Best of all, members eliminate a trip to the branch!
  • e-Statements - Members with e-Statements receive a monthly email when the e-Statement is ready. Statements can be downloaded on-demand from FAIRWINDS Online, right from a personal computer and reduces paper usage!
  • Bill Payer - Save money on stamps and cut down on writing paper checks with FAIRWINDS Online Bill Payer which also provides a more expedited way to pay bills. Plus, over 80% of bills paid through our Bill Payer service are processed electronically!
  • Direct Deposit - Eliminates the need to print a paper check and the drive to a local branch when money can automatically be deposited into an account. Direct deposit is safe, secure, and often faster than having to deposit a paper check.
  • Automatic Payments - Payments (loans, gym dues, etc.) can be automatically deducted directly from a FAIRWINDS account to eliminate monthly bills in the mail.