FAIRWINDS launches FAIRWINDS Insurance Services, LLC. Through this subsidiary the credit union offers an extensive line of insurance products for both personal and business needs.

2010: (Credit Unions)
President Barack Obama signs the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act into law, permanently increasing the amount of deposits insured by the NCUA from $100,000 to $250,000.

FAIRWINDS Credit Union celebrates its 60th anniversary.

2008: (Credit Unions)
Credit unions stand out as a bright spot amid the housing and credit crisis.

We convert to a new technology platform offering new online banking, improved ATM convenience, enhanced account choices, and much more.

Our assets grow to $1 billion.

Larry Tobin is selected as the new President/CEO.

We change to a state-chartered credit union and are now known as FAIRWINDS Credit Union. FAIRWINDS members receive a $1 million bonus rebate.

Our assets grow to $500 million.

1998: (Credit Unions)
President Bill Clinton signs the Credit Union Membership Access act into law, preserving the ability of credit unions to serve multiple membership groups.

Our name is changed to FAIRWINDS Federal Credit Union with the announced plans to close the Navy base facility in Orlando, FL. The name FAIRWINDS reflects the credit union's ability to adapt to member needs while maintaining its historical roots. The nautical link comes from the Naval greeting "Fair Winds and Following Seas," a phrase of well wishes.

Larry Tobin begins his credit union career as a part-time teller.

1980: (Credit Unions)
President Jimmy Carter signs legislation authorizing share drafts for credit unions.

The first branch office at the Naval Training Center Annex opened.

The main service center at the Naval Training was built, the result of rehabilitating an existing building.

1970: (Credit Unions)
Congress creates the National Credit Union Administration and the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund to regulate federally-chartered credit unions and provide federal deposit insurance to virtually all credit unions.

Our name is changed to Navy Orlando Federal Credit Union with the renaming of the Naval Training Center.

Our assets grow to $1.6 million.

The Naval Training Devices Center was relocated to Orlando, FL along with our credit union. Our assets grow to $360,000.

Our name is changed to the Naval Training Devices Center Federal Credit Union to reflect the name change of the sponsoring organization.

USN Special Devices Center Federal Credit Union is established in Port Washington, NY with $55 in assets. This credit union is known today as FAIRWINDS Credit Union.

1908: (Credit Unions)
First credit union in the United States opens its doors.

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