Central Florida Future
January 06, 2013

UCF's new ID cards link to Fairwinds
By Dave Carriere

In switching banking partners to Fairwinds Credit Union this year, UCF will also implement new student ID cards and is recommending students to update their cards.

UCF student ID cards are used for a number of services and amenities on campus, such as entry to events and services at the Library and Recreation and Wellness Center. The cards are also linked to students' meal plans and Knight Cash, which can be used at participating retailers, restaurants and vending machines on campus.

Though Card Services administrators recommend students get a new card, UCF card services manager Tammy Kidder said students will still be able to use the old cards for most of the card readers around campus.

"We're going to update the readers and software to accept both the old and new card numbers for now. The goal is to get all students and staff the new card as soon as possible," Kidder said in an email.

The 16-digit identification numbers on the front of older cards were associated with UCF's previous banking partner, SunTrust, and begin with the numbers "5857." UCF now has its own set of card identification numbers that can be linked to a Fairwinds student bank account and can be integrated into all of the other card readers that student IDs are used for. Kidder said UCF will be integrating the new cards into the student population over time but would like to get the majority of students switched over soon.

Current students can swap their old ID cards for new cards, free of charge, at the Card Services office in the Knights Plaza or the UCF branch Fairwinds Credit Union, which officially opened Monday in the John T. Washington Center. UCF officially announced Fairwinds as its new banking partner in October after deciding not to extend its contract with SunTrust, which had been associated with the university for 10 years prior.

"We enthusiastically welcome Fairwinds Credit Union as our new student banking partner. A longtime community and university partner, Fairwinds offers our students convenience; zero monthly fees; and financial education courses that will teach them about financial responsibility, budgeting and more," UCF spokesman Chad Binette said in an email.

Students who renew their cards from Monday through Feb. 8 will be entered into a drawing to win prizes, such as an iPad, Visa gift cards and tickets to Universal Studios as well as Orlando Magic and Solar Bears games, said Leah Bibliowicz, Fairwinds marketing coordinator and UCF alumna. Opening an account with Fairwinds is not necessary to be entered into the drawing.

Kidder said students who already have Fairwinds accounts can link their UCF cards to their accounts at any Fairwinds branch or online. Students with Fairwinds accounts can use their ID cards as debit cards or at ATMs on and off campus.

Card Services and Fairwinds will have extended hours for the first week of school, and possibly longer if necessary, to accommodate students who attend night classes, she said.

For at least the first week of classes, the Card Services office will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Fairwinds on campus will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.