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Get paid to learn financial literacy.

Zogo is a game-style learning app that offers bite-sized finance and money lessons for ages 13 and up.

Here’s how it works:

Here are a few examples of how we can help you on each stage of your journey to Financial Freedom.

Zogo App home page

Learn Bite-Sized Lessons

Explore over 700 educational modules to help you learn along your journey to Financial Freedom.

Zogo App learning progress

Play and Collect Badges

As you go through and complete modules, you’ll earn badges for mastering each topic.

Zogo App rewards

Earn Rewards

Earn virtual pineapples as you complete lessons that can be exchanged for gift cards, charity donations, and more!

It pays to learn about finance. Literally.

Access Zogo to start learning and earning today!

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  • Visit Learn & Earn with Zogo
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