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Got questions about recent updates to your FAIRWINDS Savings Account(s)? We can answer them here, and show you how to make saving even easier.

We regularly review our products and services to ensure that we are providing you with the best value possible. Part of our reviews may include making updates to the Service Charge Schedule.

What’s changing?

  • The new minimum balance requirement for Regular Savings Accounts will be $300 beginning May 10, 2016. (See the new ways to avoid the monthly service charge below.)
  • Secondary Savings Accounts will automatically be converted to a FAIRWINDS Regular Savings Account(s) beginning May 10, 2016. Remember that for each Regular Savings Account you own, a minimum balance of $300 is required per account.
  • The new minimum balance requirement does not apply to members under the age of 18.

Previously, a savings account was required in order to have any other services with FAIRWINDS. This is no longer a requirement. While we encourage every member to save for something, if you choose not to save at FAIRWINDS, you can simply close the accounts.

Ways to avoid the monthly service charge:

Any ONE of these items will waive the Regular Savings monthly service charge:

  • Maintain an average monthly account balance of at least $300
  • Deposit or transfer a total of at least $25 per month
  • Maintain an average monthly combined savings balances of at least $10,000 (excluding checking balances)
  • Members under the age of 18

How to make a transfer

How to make a transfer

  1. Log in to FAIRWINDS Online.
  2. Select Schedule a Transfer from the Move Money menu.
  3. Click the Add button and complete the form. Your transfers will now happen automatically! If you ever need to make a change, you can always come back to edit or delete this.
Ways to make a deposit

Ways to make a deposit

  • Visit a branch
  • Use one of our envelope-free ATMs
  • Set up a Direct Deposit
  • Use our Mobile Check Deposit feature within our iOS and Android apps. It’s as simple as taking a picture!
How to consolidate accounts

How to consolidate accounts

We want you to save for something. If you are, then these changes may not impact you. If you’re not saving, then it may be time to close the accounts you aren’t using.

  1. Log in to FAIRWINDS Online.
  2. Select Documents & Forms from the Additional Services menu.
  3. Click the Account Closing Form.
  4. Select the account(s) you would like to close and where you would like the balances transferred to.