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Updated: Tue, March 31, 2020 at 04:56pm EDT | Get the freedom to go further.

See where your money is going and if you’re hitting your financial goals with FAIRWINDS Money Management — a robust budgeting tool that’s accessible for free through FAIRWINDS Online Banking.

With FAIRWINDS Money Management, you can get a snapshot of your financial health anytime you log into FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online Banking.

Using intuitive visual aids, customizable spending categories and automated analysis, it provides a convenient way to set monthly budgets and track your spending so you can identify opportunities to save and improve your spending habits. You can even import information from other financial institutions, so you can see an up-to-date overview of all your accounts in one convenient place.

How does it work?

Once you’ve logged into online banking, you’ll see the FAIRWINDS Money Management widget on the home page. Simply click FAIRWINDS Money Management to get started, and discover these budgeting features:

Not only do FAIRWINDS accounts automatically load into FAIRWINDS Money Management, you can import details from accounts you hold elsewhere.
From groceries to auto expenses to entertainment, you can use automated or custom categories to easily see where your money is going.
Using your spending history, FAIRWINDS Money Management determines spending budgets for each category, with the option to customize your limits.
Get a snapshot of how much your spending has changed in a particular category month-over-month to see when spending spikes occur.
See how your expenses weigh against your income on any given day, including predictions for your future, so you can plan right.
Get an overview of your debts in one place and determine how long they’ll take to pay off at your current payment amount or a different payment amount that you can customize.
Net Worth
See how your income compares to your debts for the previous year or month, so you can track your progress along the path to financial freedom.
From saving more to paying off debts to planning for retirement, create and follow your own roadmap to achieving your financial dreams.

Want to learn more?

Once you've logged into Online Banking, click FAIRWINDS Money Management to access the budgeting tool, then click the Help icon [?] in the upper left-hand corner of the FAIRWINDS Money Management screen to get detailed instructions on setting up each category to fit your unique needs.

To take advantage of the free tools mentioned above, you'll need to be enrolled in FAIRWINDS Online.

Learn more about FAIRWINDS Online.