Freedom from Closing Costs

Whether you're purchasing your first home or moving to a new house, enjoy the freedom of this no closing cost mortgage.

With a FAIRWINDS Freedom Mortgage Loan, take advantage of special benefits including:

» Fixed-rate for 5, 10, or 15 years.
» All normal closing costs paid by FAIRWINDS.*
» All our mortgages are serviced locally.
» As little as 3% down.
» No application fee.

Top 3 Reasons Why People Choose the Freedom Mortgage

  1. Higher monthly payments = more money in your pocket.
    Seriously. See for yourself.
    Annual Percentage Rate
    Monthly Payment
    (principal and interest)
    Total interest on the Lifetime of the Loan
    30-Year Mortgage 4.50% 4.673% $633.36 $103,007.02
    15-Year Mortgage 4.00% 4.300% $924.61 $41,429.70
    That's a savings of $61,577.32 over the lifetime of the loan.**
  2. See Reason #1.
  3. You can build your equity faster.
    Equity builds more slowly with a 30-year mortgage because it takes longer to pay down the principal balance. With a 5, 10, or 15-year mortgage term, the equity builds much more quickly since you pay less interest.

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Must be a primary residence purchase. Mortgage refinance is not available with this program.

*All normal closing costs are paid by FAIRWINDS. This includes the origination charge, appraisal, title insurance, settlement and search fees, recording fees, and documentary stamps. This does not include the prepaid escrow, first year’s homeowners insurance, property taxes, interim interest, or discount point.

**The savings quoted would be approximate savings if the member made the payment that was due on the due date, and no later, over the life of the loan.