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Buy your next car with Carvana without ever leaving your house and have it delivered right to your front door with their love it or your money back return policy.

Why waste your time driving from dealership to dealership trying to find a car that might not even be out there? Complete your used car purchase completely online — anytime, day or night through Carvana.

Log on, browse a national inventory and view 360 degree images of the actual car (imperfections and all). Once you’ve selected your next car, purchase it from the comfort of your home using your FAIRWINDS pre-approved auto loan. Your car will then be delivered to your home or work with their 7-day return policy.

Planning to trade-in your old car? You can do that online, too. Simply enter your car’s information, get an offer in just two minutes and schedule a pick up. It really is that simple.

Buy your next used car online so you can:

  • Buy with confidence - Each car is accident-free and passes a 150-point certification.
  • Relax at home - Gone are the days of spending an entire day at the dealership.
  • Get it delivered - Yep, now you can get your car the same way you get your pizza.
  • Get more than a spin around the block - Enjoy 7-days to really get to know your car.