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I love helping first-time homebuyers purchase their first home and making their dreams come true.

Amanda Kelley


With an eight-year tenure with FAIRWINDS, Amanda takes valuing members seriously. She joined the Mortgage Lending team in 2012 and has established herself as a rising star by winning awards and accolades year-after-year.


Amanda works diligently to assure that your mortgage process will be as easy and smooth as possible. She works closely everyone involved in your mortgage, including realtor and title companies — resulting in accuracy and comprehensive service.

Awards and recognition

  • Ultimate Lender - 2016, Second Quarter
  • Ultimate Lender - 2015, Third Quarter
  • Ultimate Lender - 2014, Overall
  • Ultimate Lender - 2014, Third Quarter
  • Ultimate Lender - 2014, Second Quarter
  • Ultimate Lender - 2014, First Quarter
  • Ultimate Lender - 2013, Third Quarter
  • Ultimate Lender - 2013, Second Quarter
  • Ultimate Lender - 2012, Fourth Quarter
  • Presidents Club - 2010