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Minimize your tax liability and enjoy peace of mind when you manage your health care costs by building a Health Savings Account.


If you are enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan then you may be eligible to open a Health Savings Account (HSA). A FAIRWINDS HSA offers simple terms and great rates. Combined with the tax advantages of an HSA there has never been a better time to open one.

Tax Advantages

Contributions may be 100% tax deductible

Withdrawals to pay for qualified medical expenses are not taxed

Interest earnings accumulate tax-deferred, and if used to pay qualified medical expenses, are tax-free

Added Benefits

  • Savings – unlike healthcare premiums, unused HSA dollars remain in the account and earn interest until used
  • Flexibility – the savings account can be used to pay for a broad variety of services including dental, vision and prescription medication
  • Portability – the savings account is yours regardless of job change
  • Timeless – there is no requirement to use the funds by a certain time each year so your balance can roll over and not be forfeited

The Details

Current Rate — rates as high as 0.25% APY

Account set-up — $10.00

Monthly maintenance — $2.50

Excess contribution, per return — $10.00

Additional HSA debit card — $5.00

See Service Charge Schedule for additional fees that apply to all FAIRWINDS accounts.

APY = Annual Percentage Yield
Fees can reduce earnings on the account.