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We're not just about great rates and low fees. In addition to our free UCF Student Checking, we provide free financial literacy programs to prepare your student for life's financial responsibilities.

Serving the Central Florida community for over 60 years, our mission is to improve members' financial well-being. That means that we are here to help members learn smart spending and savings habits, and to teach them about everything from auto loans to credit scores − all to prepare them for the path toward financial freedom.

You're never too far away to help.

Whether you live just down the road or in another state, transferring money into your student's FAIRWINDS account is just a click away.

Do you have a FAIRWINDS account?

If so, then our online tools and mobile apps are all you need. Sure, you could make a trip to a branch and make a deposit. But why?

Log into FAIRWINDS Online and make a Transfer.

The best part, the funds are available immediately!

Don't have an account with FAIRWINDS?

While we'd love for you to have your accounts with us too, you don't need one in order to help your student. There are many options!

Person to Person Transfer

Most banks, credit unions, and PayPal offer person-to-person payment solutions allowing you to send money to a FAIRWINDS account using your student's cell phone number or email address.

Check with your financial institution for available options.

Wire | ACH Transfer

Using FAIRWINDS Routing #, your student's name and their FAIRWINDS account number.

Routing #263181368

Bill Payer | Mail a Check

Using FAIRWINDS address, your student's name and FAIRWINDS account number.

FAIRWINDS Credit Union
3087 N. Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL 32826

Nationwide Branch Network

You can make a deposit to your student's account at more than 4,900 financial institutions located throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and more. The best part is this network is FREE for you and your student to use!
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