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Relationship REWARDS, our member loyalty program, is all about choice.

Freedom to choose your CD rates ... your auto loan payments ... how you earn your REWARDS points.

A rewards program designed to help you earn more on deposits, save on loans, and enjoy discounts on the everyday products and services you use at FAIRWINDS. You're even rewarded for simply being a member of FAIRWINDS Credit Union.

Special Promotions


Earn 2,500 points when you refer a friend or family member to open a new checking account at FAIRWINDS. The more friends you refer, the more points you can earn! A new checking account must be opened by the referred member in order to receive the points.

Auto-Pay for Points

Set up your loan payment on auto-pay from the FAIRWINDS account of your choice. Best of all, you earn 250 extra Relationship REWARDS points when you enroll. Ask for details!

Signing Up for Relationship REWARDS

This one's easy! All members are automatically enrolled in to the Relationship REWARDS program.

As you continue to save, borrow and use services with FAIRWINDS Credit Union, your points will automatically accrue and update in your Relationship REWARDS account.

No registration forms. No ID cards. You're automatically enrolled when you become a member.

We told you it was easy.

How to Earn Relationship REWARDS Points

With Relationship REWARDS, you're in control. The more products and services you use, the more points you earn. You decide.

  • 2,500 POINTS for every friend or family member referred that opens a checking account
    Points must be requested within 90 days of checking account opening.
  • 250 POINTS for every FAIRWINDS loan you set up on auto-pay from a FAIRWINDS savings or checking account
  • 100 POINTS for every year of membership
  • 1 POINT for every $1 in interest paid on loans (excludes FAIRWINDS credit cards)
  • 1 POINT for every $1 in interest/dividends earned on deposit accounts

How to Spend Your Relationship REWARDS Points

With Relationship REWARDS you can lower your consumer loan payment, bump up your CD rate, or reduce costs on your insurance protection. It's your choice!

  • 12,500 points = $500 off home equity closing costs
  • 12,500 points = $500 off mortgage closing costs
  • 5,000 points = .50% consumer loan rate discount*
    (5,000 points maximum per transaction)
  • 2,500 points = .25% consumer loan rate discount*
  • 2,500 points = $100 off Mechanical Repair Coverage
  • 1,250 points = $50 off Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
  • 1,000 points = Waive an NSF Fee (Limit 2 per year)
  • 625 points = $25 off Safe Deposit Box
  • 250 points = $10 off Safe Deposit Box
  • 250 points = Waive an Overdraft Transfer Fee (Limit 2 per year)
  • 250 points = Waive HSA Set Up Fee
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD) = Point requirement depends on the amount and term of the CD. Learn more here.

* Excludes credit cards, home equity loans, mortgages and share secured loans. Points can not be used towards existing CDs or loans.