Youth and Teens Accounts

It's never too early for kids to start saving. Whether they're learning how to take their first steps or getting ready to start their first summer job, FAIRWINDS provides your children fun and easy ways to save for the future.

Take a look and see how we can help your kids look forward to a financially secure future. They'll be glad that you did!

Let your kids set sail with FAIRWINDS for an adventure in learning how to save money and spend wisely.

The Kids' Saving As I Learn (SAIL) Club are special accounts designed for kids 12 and under. It's a great way to teach kids the importance of saving and managing money in a way that is fun.

Your child's account is set up just like a savings account. It earns interest and there is no monthly service charge. And, you only need $5.00 to open an account. Parents simply fill out a membership application, listing the parent(s) as the joint owner(s).

Our Kids SAIL Club members receive their very own membership card along with an easy-to-use record keeper to chart their savings course. Plus, they can earn special prizes and treasures along the way for reaching different savings milestones.

To learn more and open a Kids SAIL account for your child today, stop by any convenient branch location.

What does Freedom mean to your teenager?

  • Owning a car?
  • Having a part-time job?
  • Making their own decisions about money?

At FAIRWINDS, we're here to help you navigate your teens toward making good financial decisions and start creating a path of financial Freedom.

Designed exclusively for members ages
13 – 17, the Freedom account encourages teenagers to save more, spend wisely, and stick to a budget.

With options that include a Regular Savings account, checking account, online and mobile banking, and credit cards, Freedom can be customized to provide your teen a simple, easy, and informative way to manage their money from one place.

Plus, Freedom members can connect with our experts through the Freedom Facebook site. Whether it's tips on using credit wisely or entering to win a contest, Freedom members can learn all about financial independence in a fun and educational social environment.

Check it out and see for yourself!

To learn more and open a Freedom account for your teen today, stop by any convenient branch location.

Compare Accounts
Freedom Account Kid SAIL Account

Designed for

Teenagers ages 13 - 17 Children up to age 12

Minimum Opening Deposit

$5 $5

No Monthly Service Charge

* *

Earns Interest

* *

Checking Account*


Debit Card*


VISA Credit Card*


Auto Loans*


Line of Credit*


Online Banking

* *

Mobile Banking

* *


* *

* Must be age 16 or over and opened with a parent or legal guardian.