(407) 249-1850

(888) 677-2774

Call 24

Looking for a more convenient way to access your account information?  Call 24 allows you access to your credit union account via your telephone 24 hours a day.  Using this automated service, you can inquire about your account balances, make transfers, or even withdraw funds.  Menu options are available in both English and Spanish and all account information is current and up-to-date.

Remember: Transfers (overdraft and telephone) are limited to six transactions per month, per share as stated in Regulation D

First Time Using Call 24

When accessing Call 24 for the first time, use your member number for your user name and the last six digits of your social security number as your password.

How to Get Started

Once you have your PIN, dial the Call 24 phone number and the system will walk you through the rest. 

  • Have your Member Number ready.
  • Dial the Call 24 number at 407.249.1850 or toll-free at 888.677.2774.
  • Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish.
  • You can press your key choice whenever you hear the option you want.
  • To hear your choices again, simply press the * key.
  • To return to the previous menu, press the # key.
  • To speak to a Member Services Representative during office hours,
    press 0.
  • To end the session, simply hang up.
  • When entering a dollar amount, use the * key as the decimal. For example: $25.00 will be entered as two, five, *, zero, zero.  It is not necessary to enter the # sign after each entry.

Quick Codes

  1. Select an Account
    Your accounts will be listed. Select the account you want to work with and then choose from the following options.
    • Account Summary - this will provide you with balances for your accounts.
    • More Account Details
      1. Transaction history
      2. List cleared checks
      3. Deposits
      4. Withdrawals
      5. ACH deposits and payroll deposits
      6. More Choices
        1. E-Check and debit card transactions
        2. Last year and year to date interest
        3. To see if a specific check has cleared
    • Transfer Money
    • Work With Another Account

  2. Transfer Money
    Your accounts will be listed. Select the account you want to work with and then choose from the following options.
    • Transfer Account To Account
    • Make a Payment
    • Advance a Line of Credit
    • Request a Check
    Note: Some of these options may not be listed if you do not currently have a loan or a line of credit with FAIRWINDS.

  3. All Accounts Balance
    Your accounts will be listed and the balance for each account is stated.

  4. More Choices
    This menu option allows you to change your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
    • Change your PIN
    • Log on with a different member number

    To end your call at any time, simply hang up.