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FAIRWINDS is here to help you make a confident plan to eliminate debt once and for all—and come closer to achieving financial freedom.

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Here are popular solutions to help you to reduce and destroy your debt:

36- or 48-Month
Auto Loan

Refinance your car loan to a shorter term. Choosing a longer-term loan with a lower monthly payment might sound like an obvious choice, but a shorter term will save you hundreds – even thousands of dollars – in interest. The amount you save in interest, combined with paying off and owning your car faster? That’s another major milestone closer to becoming debt-free!

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15-Years or Less
Mortgage Refinance

With a shorter-term mortgage like 15 years combined with one of the lowest mortgage rates nationwide, you could save tens of thousands of dollars in interest and lessen the amount of time you’ll pay for your home. Then, keep making extra payments toward your mortgage so you can own your home free and clear in record time.

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Snowball Calculator

Use our free debt snowball calculator to see how quickly you can gain momentum to reduce and pay off your debt. Instead of taking the highest balance head on, pay off the smallest balance first. When your smallest balance is paid off, start making payments toward your next lowest balance, and keep repeating until all your debt is paid off.

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Money Milestone Stories

Everyone’s journey is unique but following the nine money milestones will help you focus on what you’re doing well, where to adjust course, and how to go further to achieve financial freedom.