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Your UCF Student ID Card gives you access to the UCF campus, but it can do so much more. Unleash the full potential of your UCF Student ID Card when you combine it with a FAIRWINDS UCF Student Checking Account at FAIRWINDS.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, and FREE.

Step 1 - Does your card look like either of these?

If your answer is "yes," then skip to step two.
Not yet? Then go grab a new UCF Student ID Card from UCF Card Services.

Step 2 - Get a FAIRWINDS UCF Student Checking Account

Already have a FAIRWINDS Checking account?

Simply visit a branch to link your checking account to your UCF Student ID Card and switch to a FAIRWINDS UCF Student Checking account. Don't forget to bring your UCF Student ID Card with you!

Don't have a FAIRWINDS Checking account yet?

Visit a branch to open your FAIRWINDS UCF Student Checking account. When you bring your UCF Student ID Card with you, your account will be linked at that time.

Apply Online now! Open a FAIRWINDS UCF Student Checking account online and link your UCF Student ID Card online once your initial deposit is made.

Step 3 - PIN your card

Once you've received confirmation your checking account is open AND your UCF Student ID Card is linked, call anytime 24/7 to create a four digit personal identification number (PIN).


A FREE checking account with no strings attached

That's what FAIRWINDS Credit Union does and as the official banking partner for UCF, we're really excited to offer some awesome perks to UCF students!

Don't have an account yet?
Don't worry, it's not hard. Plus, the best part is you can do it right here, right now.

The UCF Student Checking Account offers value and convenience with the following features:

That's right - free. No strings attached. Well maybe one - you have to be an active UCF student with a current UCF Student ID! But we think you have that covered.

FREE Money orders
Pay rent and bills, but not with extra fees. Your money is better spent on food, not fees, right?

FREE FAIRWINDS and Publix ATM transactions
More convenience. And more ways to save you money. Noticing a trend?

Access your checking account in style!  Choose your favorite debit card design from our exclusive collection.

FREE Online Banking
Manage your finances on your schedule, not ours.

FREE Mobile Banking
Have an iPhone or an Android? We've got an app for that. Prefer to text? Yes, you can bank that way too.

FREE Bill Pay
Stop chasing due dates. Schedule your payment for when you want it to arrive. We'll take it from there.

FREE e-Alerts
Did that check clear? Did my deposit come in? What's my balance? Stop wondering, we'll letcha know.

FREE e-Statements
We think you have enough papers to deal with. We'll keep your statements safe and secure online for you.

2,500 Relationship Rewards Points
You can use your points to lower your loan rate or increase the rate on a CD. You will continue to earn points as long as you're a member.

UCF Student ID Card FAQs

Where can I use my UCF Student ID Card like a debit card?
Once linked to your FAIRWINDS checking account, you can use your UCF ID card at more than 2.9 million participating ATM and retail locations that allow PIN based debit purchases.

There are more than 2 million STAR retail and ATM locations nationwide, including grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, and even department stores.

All ATM or PIN-based debit transactions will be deducted from your FAIRWINDS checking account, which is managed separately from on-campus use such as Knight Cash, Housing, and Meal accounts.

More UCF Student ID FAQs

UCF Student ID Card FAQs

Can I get cash back with my UCF ID card?
Yes, you can withdrawal cash from an ATM and get cash back at participating retail locations, both are deducted from your FAIRWINDS checking account using your UCF ID. See retail locations for PIN-based cash back details.

What is my PIN?
Your PIN (personal identification number) is a 4 digit secret number you will create for your UCF ID used to access money from an ATM or make Pin-based retail debit purchases and be deducted from your FAIRWINDS checking account.

I forgot my PIN. How do I reset my PIN?
To create your new PIN or reset a PIN call 866.985.2273, 24X7 it's that easy!

How do I check my FAIRWINDS account balances?
Account balances can be viewed or received using, FAIRWINDS mobile app, FAIRWINDS mobile banking, through Alerts, Online banking, SMS texts, Inquiry at an ATM, and at any FAIRWINDS branch location.

Why should I link my UCF ID to my FAIRWINDS checking account?

  • It's safe. Your UCF ID card will not include your financial account number on the front or back of the card. If your card is lost or stolen, it cannot be used without your PIN number.
  • It's convenient. FAIRWINDS combines everyday banking capabilities with your UCF Student ID card—use at ATMs and make PIN-based retail debit purchases. All transactions are posted as soon as you complete them. Plus, it's easy to manage with free mobile banking, online banking, and email or text alerts.
  • It's flexible. Along with all the other great options, FAIRWINDS gives you two more way to use your Student ID card – ATM and PIN-based debit retail purchases.

I lost my UCF ID card. Is someone going to steal the money from my checking account?
No, no one will have access to the money in your checking account. Your UCF ID card will not include your financial account number on the front or back of the card and it cannot be used without your PIN number.

What if I lose my card or I find someone else's card?
Call Card Services at 407-823-2100 or visit immediately for information regarding lost ID cards, founds ID cards, cancelation of and replacement ID card details.

For more FAQs about the UCF ID card, or to contact UCF Card Services, visit