Automate Your Savings
One of the simplest and most effective tools you can use for almost any saving goal is an automatic savings plan.

Income Taxes Basics
Learn some of the basics of income taxes so you can better understand how our income tax structure works, how it can affect your financial decisions and how you can be a more-informed income taxpayer.

Financial Market Indicators
Managing your finances should include being aware of financial market conditions. The three key areas to monitor are stocks, interest rates and inflation rates.

Re-examining Your Retirement in a Volatile Market
The volatility in the stock market over the past few years has resulted in many investors seeing their retirement accounts shrink in value. Many individuals are now forced to re-examine their retirement plans.

Developing a Financial Strategy
The prospect of developing and adhering to a financial strategy can be overwhelming. However, it does not have to be so complicated.

Eight Steps to Simplify Your Finances
If time is a precious commodity for you, here are eight ideas to save time and reduce the stress and anxiety of managing your financial affairs.

Planning for Your Financial Life Stages
Having a sound overall financial strategy requires you to recognize that your finances are in a constant state of change.

Financial Planning Basics
Taking care of your long-term financial affairs can be one of the easiest things to put off. Here are some ideas that will help you come up with a plan that will cover the basics and put you on the road to a secure financial future.

Financial Performance :: Monitor and Measure Your Results
Taking control of your financial future is a process. It is important to monitor your progress and measure the results to determine if the financial strategies you are using are working.

Monitor Your Spending
Household budgets are usually neither fun to prepare nor to live by. However, a spending worksheet can help you identify how you are currently spending your money and identify areas where you can reduce your spending.

Benefits of a Good Credit Score
There are three main credit agencies that gather financial information on individuals and then make that information available to lenders to help them determine whether to make a loan to someone.

Does Debt Consolidation Make Sense?
If you are like most Americans, you regularly get offers stressing the benefits of moving existing loan and/or credit card balances to these new lenders. While the offer may sound appealing, it is important to consider all of the factors.

Evaluating Mortgage Types
Finding a mortgage can be a strenuous process. Not only are there hundreds of institutions offering mortgages, it can seem as though there are dozens of different types of mortgages themselves.

Getting Out of Debt
For many, using credit is a normal part of handling their finances. If you want (or need) to reduce your debt, here are some ideas that may help.

Guidelines for First-time Credit Card Users
A "first" credit card can be exciting, tempting and intimidating. If you are getting your first credit card (or your child is getting his/her first card), there are some ideas to keep in mind.

Pay More Than the Minimum On Your Credit Card
Each credit card statement you receive includes a "minimum payment" amount along with transaction, balance and interest rate information. As tempting as it may be to only pay the minimum, you should always try to pay more.

CD Laddering :: A Wise Savings Strategy
Creating a "ladder" of maturities is a way to create a "portfolio" of certificates that will put you in a position to earn good rates and invest at higher rates if interest rates rise.

Building a Savings Nest-Egg
It often seems that saving money is almost impossible. Yet having a financial cushion is one of the most important things you can do to feel financially secure.

Deposit Insurance from NCUA
Properly established deposit accounts at your credit union are insured up to $250,000.

Do Not Ignore IRA Opportunities
Your IRA can be part of the foundation of a financially secure retirement.

Health Savings Accounts
We all need health insurance and we all would like to save money and reduce taxes. Health Savings Accounts can help with all of those objectives.

The Importance of Saving Early
There can be hundreds of reasons to delay saving for retirement or a college eduction for a child and only one reason to start – your financial peace of mind.

IRA or Roth IRA
Individual Retirement Accounts can be part of the foundation of a financially secure retirement. While a Roth IRA offers some advantages over the traditional IRA, it comes with some limitations.

Maximize Your 401(k) Plan
Longer life spans, more active retirements, rising costs and uncertainty over Social Security make the need for a substantial retirement nest-egg greater than ever.

Review Your Social Security Record
Social Security benefits will probably be a major source of your retirement income.