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Let's chat!

Have questions? Just ask.

FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor is here to answer your credit union questions through smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, and on your mobile device through Facebook Messenger.

Things you can say.

When you want information from FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor, just say, “Ask FAIRWINDS Credit Union…”

While the FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor won’t have access to your personal account information yet, here are some of the things you can say when chatting with it:

  • Where’s the nearest FAIRWINDS branch?
  • What is my routing number?
  • What does refinancing mean?
  • I’ve lost my debit card.
  • How do I apply for a credit card?
  • I’d like to set up direct deposit.

Let's start talking.

Getting started with the FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor.

Amazon Echo

Using the Alexa app on your mobile device, search for the skill “FAIRWINDS Credit Union.” Once the skill is added to the app, you’ll be able to say, “Alexa, open FAIRWINDS Credit Union,” to start a conversation.

Google Home

Just say, “Ok Google, talk to FAIRWINDS Credit Union,” and then ask your questions.

Facebook Messenger

Simply go to Facebook, select “Send Message” on our page (or search for FAIRWINDS in the Facebook Messenger app), and then type your question to start a conversation.

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can I use it to access my accounts?
For now, the FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor won’t answer questions regarding your individual account information because accessing it doesn’t require a secure login. If you’re looking for details about your personal account, Online Banking and the FAIRWINDS Mobile App are still the best way to get on-demand information about your accounts.
How do I use the FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor?
You can access it using Google Home or Amazon Echo.
What kind of questions can it answer?
The FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor can answer your questions about general financial knowledge — including definitions of financial terminology. It also can provide information about FAIRWINDS Credit Union, such as our hours, locations, contact information and other common inquiries. You can even access information about our products and services, and then help you get started with them. However, the FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor will not access your personal financial information and can’t answer specific questions about your personal or business accounts.
Why can’t it answer all of my questions?
Since the FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor is new, it still has a lot to learn. So it may not know everything immediately. However the more questions members ask, the more it learns and the more information it can provide you. We also have plans to add additional features and information to its skillset in the future. If you’re looking for information that it couldn’t provide, try searching for it on our website.
Is it safe to use the FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor?
Yes, it’s safe to use. It will not have access to your login to use it because it does not have access to your personal financial data.
When is it available for me to use?
Whenever you want! Once you’re set up, you can strike up a conversation whenever you need information about FAIRWINDS — any time of day, wherever you are.