Community Sponsorship Opportunities

Our dedication extends to financially empowering youth, volunteering our time and expertise, and developing and building community partnerships.

People volunteering.

Commitment to Community

For 75 years, our mission has been to inspire and help people achieve financial freedom. Central Florida holds a special place in the hearts of the hundreds of crewmembers who work at FAIRWINDS. It is more than our company’s headquarters. It is home to our friends, colleagues, neighbors, family, and, our vibrant community.  

We are committed to leveraging our company resources in innovative ways to make a positive impact in our communities. Our dedication extends to financially empowering youth, actively engaging in community initiatives, and volunteering our time and expertise to support diverse causes.

In addition to the extraordinary efforts and contributions of our crewmembers, our community partners also demonstrate an exceptional commitment to supporting our neighbors. Through strategic collaboration and thoughtful partnerships, we can amplify our impact and collectively transform Central Florida for the better—to create a place where all individuals can thrive.

Corporate Sponsorships

We actively support charitable initiatives throughout Central Florida as part of our mission to help individuals achieve financial freedom by saving more, eliminating debt, building wealth, and living generously. By partnering with nonprofit organizations and engaging with community stakeholders, we aim to make a positive impact in the community and transform lives on the journey to financial freedom. 

Who We Support

Funding is available to organizations that:

  • Strengthen community building through volunteer opportunities.

  • Are non-profit organizations and share our focus on financial literacy.

  • Make a positive impact on the community and its economic growth.

Request Sponsorship

We encourage you to complete the online application to be considered for funding. Your request should clearly demonstrate a community need that corresponds with our mission and explain how your organization intends to address that need.

Please submit your request at least 8-10 weeks prior to the event or program. Within two weeks of receiving your application, we will notify you regarding the status of your request.