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Financial freedom happens at FAIRWINDS! As your guide throughout the journey to achieving financial freedom, you have free access to tips, advice, and tools that can help you meet and exceed your goals.

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Money Milestones

Where are you on your journey?
Achieve Money Milestones

The key to financial freedom? Knowing – and achieving – FAIRWINDS’ Money Milestones. The Money Milestones are designed to help you stay focused and motivated as you save more, eliminate debt, build wealth, and ultimately live generously.

Get a Personalized Financial Plan

Answer a few quick questions to find out where you’re at with your finances and see which Money Milestone you’re on. Knowing your specific Money Milestone can help you focus on what you’re doing well and how you can go further.

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Finance 101
What is a 401(k) and why is it important?

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What Happens to Your 401(k) When You Leave Your Job?

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Raising Money-Wise Kids

This energy-packed educational series, created by the FAIRWINDS Foundation grantee partner MicheLee Puppets Inc., teaches children from PRE-K to 5th grade crucial financial literacy skills.

View the Curriculum

Learn & Earn with Zogo

Achieve financial freedom with the help of…pineapples! Zogo is a game-style learning app that offers bite-sized finance and money lessons for ages 13 and up. When you complete modules, you’ll earn virtual pineapples that can be exchanged for real rewards like gift cards, charity donations, and more!

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