Stages of Financial Freedom

As your partner on the journey to Financial Freedom, we’re here to help you meet your financial goals, big or small! Along the way, you’ll learn to save more, eliminate debt, build wealth, and ultimately live generously. No matter where you’re at with your finances, we offer the tools, education, products, and services to help you be successful throughout your journey.

Woman in the living room sitting on the floor and feeling relaxed.

Save More

Saving is the first and most important step toward reaching financial freedom. By building your savings, you can prepare for emergencies and reach your personal goals.

Eliminate Debt

The journey to Financial Freedom goes beyond saving more. It’s having the power to be in control – and stay in control of your finances with a plan to take down your debt.

Build Wealth

It's never too early to learn how to build wealth. Start investing for yourself - and your future. We encourage our members at every stage on the journey to Financial Freedom to develop a plan to build wealth.

Live Generously

Everyone’s journey to Financial Freedom is unique. But there is one stage of the journey that we can all share at any time: living generously! Generous living – and giving – can make an extraordinary difference in transforming the lives of others.