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How do I make a loan payment in Online Banking?

You can make your FAIRWINDS loan payment from your FAIRWINDS account. To do so, follow these...

How do I enroll in Bill Pay in Online Banking?

Login to FAIRWINDS Online and click the "Pay Bills tab". Enter your Mother's Maiden Name and country...

I don't have an iPhone or Android phone. Can I still get mobile alerts?

Yes, we've got you covered too! Check your balance, transfer money and view your history with a...

How can I order checks?

Yes, you are eligible to order checks if you own a checking account. To do so, follow the steps...

How do I find my account number in the Mobile App?

You can find your account number(s) within the FAIRWINDS Mobile App. To do so, follow these steps...

How can I set up direct deposit in the Mobile App?

Use the FAIRWINDS Direct Deposit Form to generate the information you need to provide to your...

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