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FAIRWINDS - Helping You Achieve Financial Freedom

FAIRWINDS - Helping You Achieve Financial Freedom
save when you spend

Be the change
your savings needs.

¢hange it up, our debit card round-up program, helps you automatically grow your savings or pay down a loan balance.

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FAIRWINDS members have rounded up more than $22.32 million and counting!


Oakland, CA

“I am seeing steady progress already with $5,000 saved so far!”

short term car loans

The best loan is one you've paid off.

A shorter-term car loan can save you hundreds of dollars in interest and help you pay off your car faster.

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25% of FAIRWINDS members choose car loan terms for 48 months or less.


Dunwoody, GA

“Now I get to drive my dream [car] around every day without having to make monthly payments!”

best rate on a 15 year mortgage

Pay less interest.
Gain more freedom.

With one of the lowest 15-year mortgage rates nationwide, owning your home is right around the corner.

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58% of FAIRWINDS members opt for shorter mortgage terms of 20 years or less.


Longwood, FL

“I was able to cut 6 years off my home loan and save over $50,000 in payments and interest by refinancing to a 15-year mortgage.”