Raising Money-Wise Kids

This four-part music video series teaches children important financial literacy skills. Each video covers a different financial literacy topic, with a workbook to follow along! Watch each video as a family and follow up with the Family Guide for more educational activities.

Grandmother teaching grandson about finance.

Lesson 1: Save, Spend, Budget!

Before you start spending, make smart choices by splitting your money into a “Saving”, “Spending,” and “Sharing” budget. Join Jay as he learns what each category means and how to plan for both long-term and short-term expenses.

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Lesson 2: I Want it Now!

Once you’ve set a goal, how do you save for it? Join Ariana as she learns to make smart choices, resist temptations, and make a plan to reach her goal.

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Lesson 3: Time, Talent, Treasure: Living Generously

What does it mean to live generously? Follow the adventures of Jay, Maricruz, and Ariana as they find needs in their community, identify their passions and interests, and learn to use their time, talent, and treasure to help others.

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Lesson 4: Welcome to the Credit Union

Join Owen as he learns the advantages of putting his money into a savings account versus keeping it at home. Owen learns about the important jobs at the credit union and the steps to open an account of his own.

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