Report Fraud

Protecting you and your account information is always our top priority.

Woman holding a tablet while looking at her credit card

How to Report Fraud

If you have been impacted by a scam, including providing your personal and account information, contact FAIRWINDS immediately. We are here to help.*

Secure Email: Send an email through FAIRWINDS Online Secure Chat

Branch: Stop by your nearest branch immediately.

Phone: Call Member Services at 1.800.443.6887.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

A lost or stolen card can mean a lot of stress and worry. We’re here to ease your concerns and take the steps necessary to reduce your risk of financial loss and identity theft.

Online: Log in to Online Banking, select "Credit Card Management" from the top menu bar.

Mobile App: Log in using the FAIRWINDS Mobile App, select "Additional Services > Card Management" from the "More" menu at the bottom.

Phone: Call 1.800.443.6887 and follow the prompts for lost/stolen/fraud/dispute.

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