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How do I use Desktop Check Deposit to deposit my business checks?

Save time by scanning your checks and depositing them into your account through the FAIRWINDS Business Banking Suite.

To use Desktop Check Deposit, you will need:

  1. A FAIRWINDS Business Checking account.
  2. A PC running Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or FireFox.
  3. A Twain compatible document scanner or Ranger compatible check scanner. Here are some compatible document and check scanners we recommend for optimal performance: 
    • Single Feed Document Scanners: 
      • Canon ImageFormula P-208II
      • Epson DS-70
      • Epson WorkForce ES-50
      • Epson WorkForce ES-65WR
    • Multi Feed Document Scanners:
      • Brother ADS- 1000W
      • Brother ADS-1250W
      • Brother ADS-1700W
      • Canon imageFormula P-215II
      • Canon imageFormula DR M140
      • Epson DS-320
      • Epson DS-530
      • Epson WorkForsce ES-200
      • Epson WorkForce ES-400
    • Check Scanners:
      • Canon imageFORMULA CR-L1
      • Canon imageFORMULA CR-120
      • Canon imageFORMULA CR-120N
      • Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i II

See the Service Charge Schedule for any applicable fees.

Click here to sign up for Desktop Check Deposit.

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