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The Truth Behind Contactless Payments

Explore the truth behind contactless payments for insights on security and convenience.

With tap to pay or contactless payments, you can make purchases by simply tapping your card, phone, or wearable device against a compatible card reader wherever you see the contactless symbol at checkout. But what’s the catch with this seemingly effortless technology? We’ll dive into the truth behind contactless payments to understand their security, convenience, and accessibility.

Unmatched Security for Peace of Mind

Tap to pay technology uses a unique, one-time code every time your card is used in store, ensuring your card information never fall into the wrong hands. Even if a scammer tries to steal this code, it's useless for making future purchases.

Plus, you’ll reduce the risk of card skimming or cloning by tapping your card to pay instead of inserting your chip or swiping your card. Contactless payments use technology like radio frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC) to securely send your payment information to the card reader. Your contactless card, phone, or wearable device must be within 2 inches of the card reader for the payment to go through.

Streamline Your Checkout Experience

With contactless payments, you can embrace the future of shopping with lightning-fast transactions. All you have to do is tap your phone or contactless card, and you're on your way - no more fumbling for cards or waiting for chip readers.

While this makes it easier than ever to pay in seconds, be sure to stick to your budget and be careful of overspending.

Prioritize Your Health with Every Payment

You might be wondering, what do contactless payments have to do with my health? When you tap to pay, you are minimizing your contact with frequently used surfaces. You can complete transactions without touching a single thing besides your own device. Making it a cleaner, safer way to pay.

Receive Account Alerts

No matter how you’re making purchases, it’s important to stay on top of your accounts and be on the lookout for suspicious transactions or activity. Be sure to set up Account Alerts so you can receive updates on your account activity and keep an eye out for unauthorized transactions.

By understanding the features of contactless payments and following best practices, you can confidently make payments fast, easy, and secure. So, next time you tap your card, phone, or wearable device to make a payment, you can have peace of mind knowing that your financial information is well-protected.