Business Banking Suite

Boost productivity with integrated bookkeeping, enhanced security and intuitive navigation. Plus, manage your business from anywhere, across all your devices — giving you the convenience you need.

Businessman sitting down at a desk and working out their finances.

Seamless experience from desktop to mobile.

Take the guesswork out of managing your business finances. The FAIRWINDS Business Banking Suite makes it simple, convenient, and secure, making any place your office space.

Features and Benefits

  • Access your balance and account history.

  • Easily deposit checks safely and securely from your desktop.

  • Manage payroll and vendor payments.

  • Send and approve standard and same-day ACH Payments and Wire Transfers.

  • Set up account and security alerts.

  • Set up account and security alerts.

  • Pay vendors using business bill pay.

  • Connect to Quickbooks®.

  • Manage your business credit cards (lock/unlock your cards, adjust spending, and redeem rewards).

  • Place stop payments on checks.

  • Fraud detection through Positive Pay.

Download the FAIRWINDS Business Banking Suite

Available for your iOS or Android device.