Positive Pay

Protect your business from fraud with Positive Pay, a feature that matches the account number, check number, and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks previously authorized and issued.

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How it Works

When you enroll in Positive Pay, we’ll mitigate your fraud risk by monitoring your check and ACH payments for unexpected activity and allow you to electronically approve or deny payments we’ve flagged as out of the ordinary.

Money transfer

Your payments are monitored.

We compare each check and ACH payment against your list of authorized transactions. If any of these payments are not on your list, they’ll be flagged as exceptions.


You approve any flagged payments.

You’ll receive an email notification that an exception item has been presented for payment. Then, you can log in to our Business Banking Suite to view and approve the transaction.

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Payments are validated on the spot.

Check-cashing activity at our branches is validated in real-time against your authorized payments, alerting our crewmembers if the item presented for payment will be flagged as an exception.

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Track activity with advanced reports.

Access comprehensive reporting by logging in to your Business Banking Suite and downloading full reports of your exception items, paid checks, ACH transactions, payee names, and more.