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Easily manage your employees’ credit cards – and your own – through Card Management.

Simplify how you manage your business’s multiple credit card accounts with Card Management. Available through the FAIRWINDS Business Banking Suite for mobile or desktop, Card Management provides convenient access and tools to help you stay on top of all your business credit cards, empowering you to:

  • Temporarily lock or unlock a card.
  • Report a card lost or stolen.
  • Order a replacement credit card.
  • Transfer balances from another card.
  • Request a new PIN.
  • Submit a travel notification.
  • View a summary of rewards.
  • Activate a new card.

Get started

For active FAIRWINDS Business Banking Suite Members

  • Log in to Business Banking Suite.
  • Select Additional Services.
  • Select Card Management.

Not currently using the FAIRWINDS Business Banking Suite?

  • Select Enroll Now on the Business Banking Suite page.
  • Complete and submit the Online Enrollment Form to link your FAIRWINDS Business Account to the Business Banking Suite.
  • Once you have access, follow the steps above to access Card Management.

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