Grant Cycle and Requirements

The FAIRWINDS Foundation grant application is by invitation only. Organizations must demonstrate programs aligned with financial literacy educational opportunities.

3D illustration of an application.

Grant Cycle


FAIRWINDS Foundation connects with non-profits to discuss the grant cycle.


Applications are due for agencies invited to participate.

October — November

Submitted applications are reviewed, researched, and assessed while site visits are conducted.

December — January

Agencies are notified of their grant status.


In order to be considered, your organization must meet the following requirements:

  • Show alignment to FAIRWINDS Foundation priorities – financial literacy educational opportunities delivered by grant applicants.

  • Have current tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code or be a governmental entity. School systems will need to submit an IRS letter of determination or a letter on school system letterhead confirming you are a school system.

  • Demonstrate three full years of program services and outcomes.

  • Demonstrate a solid financial position with a detailed program budget.

  • Clearly define the impact your organization is making in the community or with the targeted audience without discrimination against any individual on the basis of race, creed, gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, or national origin.

  • Have a method by which to measure, track, and report one or more program outcomes and specific results that demonstrate measurable community impact.

FAIRWINDS Foundation does not fund capital campaigns, endowments or other reserve funds, individuals or individual projects, government agencies, individual public or private schools, religious institutions, political causes or candidates, reduction or liquidation of debt, programs that do not fit funding guidelines or grant-making strategy.

Grant Request Form

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