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Updated: Thu, May 28, 2020 at 03:28pm EDT | Get the freedom to go further.

Now that the system integration has been completed, you can begin to use your FAIRWINDS account.

Please review these important reminders:

  • Debit Card: Start using your new FAIRWINDS Visa Debit Card.
  • Your Friends Debit Card will no longer work. Safely destroy this card as soon as possible.
  • Update any automated debit card payments with your new FAIRWINDS Visa Debit Card information as soon as possible.
  • ACH/Electronic Transactions, Transfers, and Payments

    Update automatic transactions, such as your monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments/deposits with your FAIRWINDS routing and account information as soon as possible. Transactions including tax refunds, insurance payments, utility bills, wires, and similar items may be impacted if you don’t update your account information.

    Mailing Address

    3087 N. Alafaya Trail
    Orlando, FL 32826

    Routing Number