Emergency Savings Account

A savings account that will give you peace of mind for times when you need it most.

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Earn ... APY*

On the first $1,000 you save.

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Debit Card Round-Up

Automatically round up your debit card purchases to build your emergency savings.

Account Alerts

Get real-time account alerts sent to your phone or email and have peace of mind.

Account Details

Current Rates:

  • Any balance of $0.01 to $1,000 — ... APY*

  • Any balance of $1,000.01 and above — ... APY*

$10 minimum opening deposit

$5 monthly service charge waived with any one of the following:

  • $300 average monthly account balance

  • $25 or greater total monthly deposit or transfer into the account

  • $10,000 or greater average monthly combined savings balance (excluding checking balances)

  • Signature Checking or Preferred Checking account holders

  • Receive at least one Change it Up deposit per month

Limit one Emergency Savings account per member.

To help preserve your funds for a true emergency, this account is not available to be used for overdraft transfers to checking. If you do need overdraft transfer access, check out the Freedom Savings Account as an option.

See the Service Charge Schedule for additional fees applicable to all FAIRWINDS accounts.

Emergency Savings Calculator

Reach your savings goals and be prepared for unexpected expenses by calculating how much you need to cover emergencies.

Your First Step Toward Financial Freedom

A separate emergency fund is the first Money Milestone to achieve on the journey to Financial Freedom. You can start by saving $1,000 for emergencies. That way, you can pay for unexpected expenses in cash rather than using a credit card or taking out a loan, which will cost you more in interest.

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Tools to Help You Save More

Free Budgeting Tools

Track and adjust your spending, pay off debt, and save more, all from your mobile device.

Pay Yourself First

Set up automatic transfers to your Emergency Savings Account and reach your savings goals faster.

Move Money

Easily transfer and move money with CashApp, Zelle®, or Venmo.