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The path to financial freedom

FAIRWINDS is your partner on the journey to financial freedom, encouraging you to save more, eliminate debt, build wealth and live generously – celebrating each milestone along the way.

Save More
Eliminate Debt
Build Wealth
Live Generously

Want to be financially free?

Free to know an emergency expense won’t set you back?
Free of debt and the stress it brings?
Free to know you don’t have to work because your money is working for you?
Free to know you have the means to give to others?

Financial freedom is possible, no matter your age, no matter your income.

With FAIRWINDS you can be assured you’ll have access to education, advice and financial solutions in your best interest, not just our bottom line.

Let’s get started on your journey to financial freedom!

Business Banking Accounts

How is a credit union different?

When you join, you become a member-owner of FAIRWINDS. As a member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution, FAIRWINDS’ mission is the financial well-being of our members. We achieve this by focusing on our member-owners through sound advice, competitive pricing, and innovative products and technology that help put you on the journey to financial freedom. At FAIRWINDS, a $5 membership share is your ownership in the company and affords you all the benefits credit union membership brings.


FAIRWINDS serves members throughout the country and the world. As someone who values financial stability and financial freedom, we welcome you to join us, wherever you are.