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Set sail for success alongside our fiscally savvy, community minded, people focused crew and see just how far we can go together.

We’re not all about numbers and figures—we deal in people and stories. We put financial freedom within our members’ grasps and spend each day devising new ways through which we can positively impact their lives. We work hard, we play hard, and we go home each day knowing we’ve done great work we can be proud of. We’re a family, and our branches are always growing, reaching new distances and touching more lives.

Fostering Careers

Discover a lasting, fulfilling career that allows you to learn, grow, and succeed with FAIRWINDS. With diverse career paths and a commitment to always striving to grow from within, our crewmembers are able to tap into endless growth opportunities from their first day on the job and continue unlock their true potential each day thereafter.

The average tenure of our crew is 8.1 years.

Making a Difference

Whether your closet is filled with 5K, fundraiser and community event t-shirts or you’re just a real “go-getter” with a drive for changing the status-quo, we empower each member of our crew to get involved, get active, and make an impact on our Central Florida community.

We provide 10 paid vacation days in your first year.
(Then, 15 paid vacation days on your second anniversary.)

Recognizing and Rewarding Excellence

At FAIRWINDS, you’re more than an employee. You’re a team member, a leader (even if you’re just getting started on your career path), and a crucial part of a system with many moving parts. We each take on many roles and wear multiple hats, and we’re recognized for each stride we take towards being better advocates for our members.

108 crewmembers were promoted in 2022.