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It's not just about what we do, but also about how we do it and why we chose the path we're hoping you'll join us on.

For Our Members

We're stewards of our members' success, commanders on the voyage to financial freedom, and expert navigators of financial waters, but above all, we're a crew, working together to go the distance for those we're committed to. Our dedication to helping our members achieve financial freedom is what sets our credit union apart - there is no length our crew is not willing to travel to help our members, wherever they are, and wherever they are going.

We Keep Things Simple

We're here to help. That's why we take the complexity out of banking, and replace it with real people who really care. Our crew works to make the complicated and stressful "to dos" of our members into simple, possible and "done!"

Always on Your Side

People want to know those they trust with their finances will always work in their best interests. At FAIRWINDS, our members can be sure of it. With quick, accurate responses to member inquiries, our members can feel confident in their credit union knowing we are always on their side.

What You See Is What You Get

Transparency means everything. From service comparisons to straightforward explanations of rates and fees, we keep communication lines with our members open and honest, always. We don't want to just provide our members with a service, we want to empower them with everything they need to ensure their financial future's well-being.

A Partner You Can Trust

Our crew approaches each situation with the benevolence, transparency, knowledge and dedication needed to honor and become the absolute best answer to our members' needs. It is this commitment that allows us to become a partner each of our members can place their full trust on as we help them advance along the road to financial freedom.