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Save More

Four in ten adults do not have enough in savings to cover a $400 unexpected expense1. Do you have an emergency fund? This is priority number one along your journey to financial freedom but you should always be saving more. FAIRWINDS wants you to be successful and provides the products and advice to make sure you’re on the right journey.

Eliminate Debt

Sound strange that a financial institution would want you to eliminate debt? It’s the truth. In fact, we prefer that you have no debt at all but we recognize that isn’t always realistic. That is why we advocate that you spend less and take out shorter term loans. You could save yourself thousands!

Build Wealth

Building wealth requires prudent planning at all stages along the journey to financial freedom. No matter your income or your age, we encourage our members at every stage on the journey to financial freedom to develop a plan to build wealth. There is no time like the present and FAIRWINDS is here to help.

Live Generously

Generous living can make an extraordinary difference in transforming the lives of others. It can also make a difference in how good we feel about ourselves. FAIRWINDS encourages living generously at every stage on the journey to financial freedom.

1 2/21/19 – "Does America Have a Savings Crisis?" The Washington Post