1. Save $1,000 for an emergency

Having an emergency fund with at least $1,000 is essential to pay for unexpected events in cash instead of using a credit card or taking out a loan.

Create or update your budget

List and track your expenses, then see where you can make changes to start building your $1,000 as quickly as possible.

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Open a separate Emergency Savings Account.

Emergencies include unexpected medical expenses, car repairs, roof leaks, and more. A separate savings account is an easy way to keep your emergency fund out of sight and out of mind.

Open a FAIRWINDS Emergency Savings Account and earn ... APY* on the first $1,000 you save.

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Round up your debit card purchases to help build your savings.

Use an automated debit card round-up program, like Change it Up, to help grow your emergency savings faster.

Available for free with a FAIRWINDS Freedom Spending or Checking Account, each purchase you make with a FAIRWINDS Visa® Debit Card will automatically round up to the nearest dollar.

The difference will deposit directly into your FAIRWINDS Emergency Savings Account.

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